A cooked steak on a plate

For thousands of years people have made friends and shared food around a fire, and this is what our concept is all about: “Fire & Friendship”.

Although myself and Dave both have a fine dining background, we wanted Embers to be a lot more accessible- the kind of place we would love to go to on our days off. For both myself and Dave, the dishes we remember the most fondly are always the simplest ones; dishes that deliver punchy yet contrasting flavour combinations made with great quality seasonal ingredients. This is the basis on which we have designed the menu at Embers.

The menu will be a range of playful yet thoughtfully-crafted small plates. Dishes will be served sharing-style and will come to the table as and when they are ready. We will also have larger centrepiece dishes to order for the table for those who a looking for something special. We are at the final stage of dish testing at the moment and will release the opening menu over the next of weeks.



Give the gift of Fire & Friendship