A stack of toast covered in grated cheese

“A must-visit restaurant for anyone looking for a unique dining experience in Brighton. The open flame style of cooking used at Embers is truly something special, and the food is exceptional.”

There’s purity in food cooked over fire that I love. I crave the richness of the meats cooked over the flames. I love my vegetables charred and caramelized. Whenever I smell wood smoke in the air it captures my soul for a spell. It whirls me around in its wisps and makes me think of the seasons, warmth, friends, and cooking. For me, when you are eating something that is warmed by smoke and enveloped in it, it feels cared for, and most importantly it evokes a caveman-like insatiable hunger, strongly influenced by millions of years of evolution dating back to our ancestors cooking over open fires. It is a smell that literally rocks my dawn-of-man world! So when I found out about Embers, an exciting newly opened concept in dining, where everything is cooked entirely over local ash and birch, my inner caveman went into overdrive, so I hoisted my wife over my shoulder and followed my nose all the way down there faster than you can say “yabadabadoo.”

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Give the gift of Fire & Friendship